Colored Match Jars

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Who says you have to choose between form and function? Our matches come in a stylish glass jar with a cork top that looks nice in any living room or setting. The striker on the bottom of the vessel also makes it the perfect match carrier for travel purposes.

  • About 50 matches per jar.
  • Available in 11 different colors.
  • Available blank or stickered
  • Minimum order of 72 units for custom work

Product notes:

  • Match jars are hand-labeled, some natural variance on label placement may exist.
  • Online color swatches exist as an example but may not be a perfect color match to final product
  • For those designing their own labels, recommended label size is: 2.25" (width) x 1.25" (height)

Thank you for helping us keep manufacturing jobs here in America! We are so thankful that out of all of the places you could have chosen for your custom needs, that you chose us.